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Activates the pan tool which can be used to move the map. Note that key F6 starts panning immediately.

 Zoom in


Zoom in (enlarge) to view the map closer.

 Zoom out


Zoom out (shrink) the map to see more of it.

 Show whole map

Use this tool to display the whole map on your screen.

Set custom zoom factor…

Shows a dialog to enter a specific zoom factor. Note that the zoom factor on the screen is not necessarily equal to the printed scale of the map.

 Show grid


Shows or hides the map grid.

Hatch areas


When this toggle is activated, all area objects in the map will be drawn in a hatched, semi-transparent style. This is useful to be able to see any templates below the map.

Baseline view


When this toggle is activated, instead of the normal appearance of map objects only their midpoints respectively baselines are displayed. This can be combined with Hatch areas to see anything below the map even better.

Overprinting simulation


When this toggle is activated, the effect of printing the map with layers of spot colors on top of each other will be simulated. This leads to improved map readability. This function requires a color set with spot color definitions.

Hide all templates


When this toggle is activated, no templates will be displayed. This is useful to check the appearance of the map alone.

Display coordinates as …

The coordinates of the cursor on the map are shown in the position box at the bottom right corner of the program window. Paper coordinates refer to positions on a paper print, from an arbitrary origin. If your map has been georeferenced, additional coordinate systems will be available. Projected coordinates are meters of easting and northing. Latitude & longitude may be expressed in decimal degrees or in degrees, minutes and seconds.

The coordinate system may also be selected by a right-click on the position box at the bottom right corner of your screen which will provide the same choices.

Toggle fullscreen mode


This toggle switches the display to full screen mode and back.

 Tag editor


This toggle shows or hides the tag editor.

 Color window


This toggle shows or hides the color window.

 Symbol window


This toggle shows or hides the symbol pane.

 Template setup window


This toggle shows or hides the template setup window.