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OpenOrienteering Mapper runs on Android, Windows, macOS and Linux. Visit to find downloads. Apart from stable releases, the web site offers packages from other branches of development.

When the website is able to recognize the visitor’s operating system, the download button will point right to the recommended package, and another link will bring you to the main page of this release.

The main page of a particular release is also the target of the download button when the operating system cannot be identified. Apart from important notes, it has an “Assets” section with the full list of alternative downloads for Windows, macOS and Android.


The default download for Windows is the installation program for 64-bit systems (“…-Windows-x64.exe”). Most modern Windows computers will be able to run this version.

For older or otherwise constrained Windows computers, you may choose the 32-bit version which has “Windows-x32” in it file name.

Apart from the installation program packages (“.exe”), there are also plain compressed archives (“.zip”) which can be run without installation, e.g. from a USB stick.


The default download for Android is an APK package for ARM CPUs (“…-armeabi-v7a.apk”) Most Android devices will be able to run this version.

More modern ARM based devices will benefit from choosing the 64-bit variant instead, named “…-arm64-v8a.apk”. There are also devices based on x86-type CPUs, so there are even more 32-bit (“…-x86.apk”) and 64-bit (“…-x86_64.apk”) variants.

If you are unsure of your CPU type follow these instructions:


For macOS, there is just a single download (“…-macOS.dmg”).


For Linux, the download links will guide you to Open Build Service where we provide Linux packages for major distribution: