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User Manual

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Map Screen
Explanation of the main drawing window.

Toolbar and menu items, including explanations for all drawing tools

Starting a new map
First steps

Defining the relationship between map paper coordinates and real world coordinates system

Map grid
Showing a helper grid in the map view.

Working with templates

Colors and Symbols
Modifying map colors and symbols

Map Parts
Organizing objects in maps

Tag Editor
Attaching arbitrary key-value pairs to objects

Tag Selector
Selecting objects based on their tags

Adjusting the program to your preferences.

Course Design
Using the course design symbol set.

The Mapper App for Android
Working with the Android version of Mapper.

Frequently asked questions.

Online resources

The latest news from OpenOrienteering.

Issues list
Submit feedback, bug reports, feature requests, and contributions.

Updated on 4 January 2017

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