Posted on 05 October 2020 by Kai Pastor

We are proud to announce the release of OpenOrienteering Mapper 0.9.4. This official release includes bug fixes and new features. Key changes since v0.9.3 are:


  • The Paint-on-Template feature (aka Scribbling) learned to fill areas (solid or pattern, GH-1242) and to draw in background.
  • When GNSS tracking is enabled, the viewport can follow the location (aka Tourist mode, GH-987).
  • Templates are loaded after initial map loading, with feedback (but still in foreground, i.e. blocking).
  • Basic support for Geospatial PDF templates (via Poppler and GDAL).
  • Upscaled icons, and increased menu item size, for better usability on Android.
  • Minor OCD support improvements, e.g. export of template visibility (GH-1236).
  • The Find-object tool may be used to visit one match after the other (GH-1512).
  • The object query language was extended with NOT and SYMBOL (GH-1631), adding even more power to CRT files.
  • Translations were updated again.
  • Third-party components were updated again (Qt 5.12.9, PROJ 7.1.1, GDAL 3.1.3, graphics formats, cf. Superbuild).

Fixed bugs

  • Placement of OCD templates in OCD maps (GH-1302).
  • OCD import of hatch/structure orientation (GH-1677).
  • Template alignment and list widget quirks.
  • Georeferencing quirks.
  • DPI selection for image export (GH-1271).
  • Default location source on Android (GH-1629).

This release contains 344 commits with 232 changed files since v0.9.3. Many thanks go to 16 contributors.


This is the last release which will include the legacy file format “OCAD version 8, old implementation”. Don’t worry, the file format continues to be supported by actively maintained code. Only the unmaintainted “old implementation” is to be removed.

Download v0.9.4 »