Posted on 12 March 2021 by Kai Pastor

We are proud to announce the release of OpenOrienteering Mapper 0.9.5. This official release includes bug fixes and new features. Key changes since v0.9.4 are:


  • Mapper finally learned to export KMZ files (GH-138). These files can also be used as templates.
  • For organisers of MapRun or Vikazimut events, the KMZ export is complemented by a “Simple Course” export feature, turning a single line object (course) into a KML or IOF Data Standard 3.0 course file.
  • Geospatial vector data export formats can be selected explicitly, instead of relying on the filename extension (GH-1779).
  • For the Paint-on-Template feature (aka Scribbling), it is now possible to select and modify alternative colour palettes (GH-945).
  • In touch mode, the editor can ignore touch input from palm and fingers when there is an alternative pointing device (inductive stylus, mouse) (GH-1368).
  • Template data saving (GPX, paint-on-template) is more robust now (GH-1785), and error reporting is improved (GH-1790).
  • The OMAP file format preserves the order of object tags, facilitating git version control (GH-1290).
  • Minor OCD support improvements (GH-1786).
  • Translations were updated again.
  • The User Manual was restructured in order to improve the usability of the online version.
  • qtbase, Qt’s key component for cross-platform support, was updated to 5.12.10 plus selected extra patches.

Fixed bugs

  • Coordinate system issues with GeoTIFF (GH-1755).
  • Missing “datumgrid” files for precise georeferencing (GH-1802).
  • Minor OCD format improvements, including a fix for a crash (GH-1796).
  • Template saving now working for all file formats (GH-1791).
  • Consistent GPX track positioning (regression, GH-1709).
  • Area symbol patterns rotated properly when rotating the map (GH-1812), but not for North lines pattern (GH-1870).
  • Crash on early activation of GNSS location display (GH-1893).
  • ISSprOM 2019 Passable rock face symbol line width (GH-1875).
  • Symbol editing and Copy-and-paste quirks (GH-1837, GH-1828).
  • Editing values in template position dock widget (GH-1769).
  • Warnings without details at ocd import (GH-1766).

This release contains 256 commits with 253 changed files since v0.9.4. This time, many thanks go to 33 contributors. All changes since v0.9.4

Removed features

The unmaintained legacy file format “OCAD version 8, old implementation” was removed. Don’t worry, the file format continues to be supported by actively maintained, modern code.

Download v0.9.5 »