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CupCalculator is a program which calculates scorings from race results. It takes the runners’ race times and calculates points for every runner (and optionally also for teams) according to a set of rules which are specified in advance. This makes the point calculation a matter of a few clicks.

A word of warning, though: always do a quick check of the calculated points before publishing them! I cannot take responsibility for incorrectly calculated points.

There is a (German only) manual for the program.

_CupCalculator was last updated on April 3rd 2015:

  • Added support for OS2010.
  • Fixed crash on opening input files without a “first name” column.
  • In presentation mode, the final team scoring can now be uncovered step-by-step if desired.
  • The program now recognizes Sportsoftware export files in more languages without requiring manual column assignment.
  • Added example input file to the download archive._


  • Import race times from Sportsoftware CSV exports (OE 2003 / 2010 and OS 2003 / 2010)

  • Calculation of scorings for single races and series scorings, with adjustable settings including handicapping based on age

  • Recognition and correction of misspelled clubs & runner names

  • Presentation mode for prize giving ceremonies

  • Calculated scorings can be exported as CSV, to be loaded into Excel / LibreOffice Calc to prepare the results as PDF

  • Works on Windows and Linux (when compiled yourself); Languages: English and German


You want to use this tool, but the rules for your competition cannot be represented in it yet? You desperately need to import results from unsupported formats? Write me an e-mail explaining it and I might consider implementing it.