Posted on 25 May 2017 by Kai Pastor

Mapper 0.7.0 is close to being released, and we kindly invite you to test the release candidate.

The software is build on top of a significant number of third-party components which have to be assembled and delivered with Mapper for Windows, Mac and Android. A new “superbuild” system helps to provide a consistent and reproducible set of sources, patches and documentation. In addition, this superbuild makes it possible to provide Mapper updates, including security updates for third-party components, much easier and faster. That’s why it became possible to provide release candidate packages also for macOS and Android.

With Mapper 0.7.0, we start using GDAL/OGR for adding access to many geodata file formats. Shape file support is the only real addition so far, but DXF file support is much improved. GPX and OSM support has some changes in behaviour. More formats and raster data will be added in future Mapper releases.

Find the resolved issues on Github. Known issues in v0.7.0 will be collected there, too. The release contains 370 commits since 0.6.8, changing 480 source files, contributed by 14 persons.

Thanks to all the contributors!

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