Posted on 05 June 2017 by Kai Pastor

We are proud to announce the release of Mapper 0.7.0. This release contains many visible and invisible changes over Mapper 0.6.x.

The software is build on top of a significant number of third-party components which have to be assembled and delivered with Mapper for Windows, Mac and Android. A new “superbuild” system (#674, helps to provide a consistent and reproducible set of sources, patches and documentation.

You may think this affects only developers. But wait: The superbuild facilitates the provisioning of Mapper updates, including security updates and bug fixes for third-party components, and the addition of new features which depend on third party components.

For example, Mapper starts using GDAL/OGR, adding access to many geodata file formats (#574). However, only a small set of vector data formats are supported at the moment. Shape file support is the only real addition so far. DXF file support is much improved. GPX and OSM support has some changes in behaviour. More formats and raster data will be added in future Mapper releases.

The text editor has been significantly reworked. Now it features input method support which helps not only for non-latin alphabets but also enables text editing on Android. A number of quirks were removed.

For DXF files generated by Terje's script for lidar data processing, there is now basic support for assigning symbols by a CRT file (#261).

More changes in brief:

  • On macOS, a nasty PDF export bug was fixed (#269).
  • This release fixes some bugs with importing OCD files. (Georeferenced templates were imported incorrectly for georeferenced OCD files, #879; Mapper may hang with some files, #875.)
  • A Chinese translation was added by a contributor, and many translations were improved.
  • JPEG2000 is no longer supported. The previous third-party component has been without updates for a while and was deactivated due to security issues. (We may re-add JPEG2000 in a future version, based on GDAL and another library.) Note that normal JPEG files still work unchanged.
  • The previous ISOM symbol set is renamed to ISOM2000. (Work on an ISOM2017 symbol set is in progress but not yet ready.)

Find the resolved issues on Github. Known issues in v0.7.0 will be collected there, too. The release contains 373 commits since 0.6.8, changing 480 source files, contributed by 14 persons.

Thanks to all the contributors!