Posted on 22 December 2016 by Kai Pastor

Mapper v0.6.7 brings a highly requested feature: You may now select (i.e. search for) objects using tags (#358). Further bugfixes and improvements are:

  • Complete Indonesian translation
  • Correct adjustment of out-of-bounds coordinates on .omap import (#806)
  • Correct placement of objects on .ocd import (#784)
  • Import of .omap files which are non-wellformed because of invalid characters (#773)
  • Online declination lookup opens the result in the web browser rather than failing (#814).
  • Translation updates and encoding corrections

Find the resolved issues on Github. Known issues in v0.6.7 will be collected there, too. The release contains 201 commits since 0.6.6, changing 114 source files.

Note that this release does not yet include GDAL-based importers. This work-in-progress remains available with the “unstable” builds.

Thanks to all the contributors!