Posted on 22 October 2018 by Kai Pastor

This patch release contains bug fixes and updated translations. Key changes:

  • The Android app now explicitly tells the system’s “media scanner” when it wrote a file. This should resolve most issues with invisible or corrupted files (which were healthy and valid on the Android device).
  • On Android, the GPS location marker is now much more visible, and it blinks after move-to-my-location.
  • Copy-and-paste of text objects will no longer create duplicate text symbols.
  • The application no longer crashes when undoing simple map part merges or when deleting GDAL parameters.

Find the resolved issues on Github.
Known issues in v0.8.3 will be collected there, too.
The release contains 59 commits since 0.8.2, changing 69 source files, contributed by 9 persons.

Thanks to all the contributors and reviewers!