Posted on 11 August 2018 by Kai Pastor

This patch release contains bug fixes and updated translations. Key changes:

  • When exporting to OCD, template paths containing umlauts etc. (ÖÄÅ…) now properly use the 8-bit encoding (#1046).
  • When exporting to OCD, Mapper now tries to load hidden georeferenced images templates so that the position can be saved correctly.
  • The special color “Registration Black” is now correctly saved for all point symbol elements (#1086).
  • The icon for the delete-objects tool is now a trash bin.

Find the resolved issues on Github.
Known issues in v0.8.2 will be collected there, too.
The release contains 162 commits since 0.8.1, changing 81 source files, contributed by 27 persons.

Thanks to all the contributors!