Posted on 05 February 2012 by Thomas Schöps

In the meantime I built the ISOM 2000 foot-o symbol set in OpenOrienteering Mapper, except the overprinting symbols, because there is no course setting support planned for the near future (I recommend Purple Pen for that task). All of the symbols should display correctly, apart from any mistakes. Working with the program to create the symbol set allowed me to find and fix a lot of bugs and usability problems.

In addition to that, it is now possible to draw point and path objects on the map and there is a basic edit tool to adjust their control points. All of the tools show a neat live preview of the objects that are drawn. You will soon be able to try it yourself easily because I plan to release a first preview version for Windows the next days (well, I think that I should at least try to counteract the announcement of the OCAD 11 beta a bit ;-) ). There are only a few things missing that I want to add beforehand. For now, here are two screenshots: