Posted on 11 March 2018 by Kai Pastor

Four weeks after v0.8.0, we now present a patch release. Apart from bug fixes and updated translations, it even adds a few new features:

  • When exporting images, Mapper may now create a “world file”.
  • The paint-on-template tool gained the ability to add new blank image templates for scribbling.

A selection of other changes:

  • Corrections for some issues with opening or importing maps and data.
    • Fix for some maps not being loaded at all.
    • Fix for incorrect import of text object boxes from another map.
    • Fixes for some issues with importing OCD files.
    • Fix for crash when loading some files via GDAL/OGR.
  • Helper symbols (e.g. for field work) no longer affect the automatic symbol icon scaling.
  • Fixed a number of quirks of the paint-on-template tool.
  • macOS: Fixed missing menu items in some translations (at least Czech).
  • Android: Made the special touch cursor working again.
  • Android: Fixed loss of previous GPX track when tracking was started again on the same day).

Find the resolved issues on Github. Known issues in v0.8.1 will be collected there, too. The release contains 107 commits since 0.8.0, changing 78 source files, contributed by 12 persons.

Thanks to all the contributors!