Posted on 02 April 2014 by Thomas Schöps

The first preview release of Mapper for Android is available now. It is compatible with devices running Android 2.3 or greater and focuses on mobile surveying using live GPS position display and free-hand scribbling. Direct map editing is supported too, however these tools have been ported from the desktop version with only little customizations for touch input yet. We are looking forward to your feedback and ideas.

This an alpha release. It is recommended to save often and keep backups of files which you modify with the program.

New features include:

  • GPS (if supported by device)

    • Live GPS display with position marker, accuracy circle and automatic gpx track recording

    • Point object placement with GPS

    • Temporary markers which can be recorded from GPS

  • Compass (if supported by device)

    • North direction display

    • Automatic map north alignment

  • Other

    • Touch cursor for precise finger input

    • Improved free-hand image scribbling with undo and redo

    • Free-hand line and area draw tool

    • Regular map auto-save

Program downloads

To install, download the .apk to your Android device and install it from there. You may need to enable app installation from unknown sources first. Where to do this depends on your Android version; e.g. Settings -> Security -> Unknown sources.

Important: to get started with the app, please read the manual page in the user wiki first!

**Known issues **

  • There is no app menu, so many tools and settings are not available.

  • Translations are not included.

**Reporting bugs **

The Bug tracker is the right place to lookup and report all kinds of issues with the program. You may also submit feature requests here.


The user wiki is pre-filled with the program manual. If you have hints to share with the mapper community or want to extend the program documentation, please create a SourceForge account and start editing it.

If you are a programmer with experience in C++ / Qt, or want to help in any other way, we would like to welcome you at our developer mailing list. Useful places with resources are: