Posted on 05 July 2012 by Thomas Schöps

The OpenOrienteering team is happy to release the third alpha version 0.3.0 of its free orienteering mapping program today, containing numerous new features and improvements.

Download For Windows:

For Ubuntu Linux 12.04 (Precise), 64 bit: openorienteering-mapper_0.3.0-precise_amd64.deb

For Ubuntu Linux 12.04 (Precise), 32 bit: openorienteering-mapper_0.3.0-precise_i386.deb

To view the integrated manual, the help file viewer “Qt Assistant” is required in addition. For Linux it should be installed by the package manager, for Windows it is provided as a separate download because of the file size. To download it (or the program sources), go to the SourceForge downloads directory.

Highlights Apart from many minor improvements, we would like to point out the following changes:

Templates, data import and export

  • Exporting maps in OCD 8 format

  • Loading OpenOrienteering and OCD 8 maps as templates

  • Exchange of data between map files

  • Loading GPX, DXF and OSM files as templates, and importing them into maps

Symbol sets

  • New ISSOM symbol sets (1:4000, 1:5000)

  • Improved symbol documentation

Editing tools

  • Circle/Ellipse and rectangle drawing tools

  • Length and area measure tool

  • Area union, intersection, subtraction and xor tools

  • Scaling tool

User interface

  • Many dialogs redesigned and simplified, Help and Reset buttons added

  • Input fields display units of measurement

Translations and localization

  • Japanese

  • Swedish

  • Ukrainian

  • Number formatting according to localization

Other new features

  • Built-in help

  • Program settings dialog

  • Much faster map drawing especially when interacting with many objects

  • Copy’n’Paste for symbols and map objects


This is a snapshot release intended for review and testing. Although the ocd export functionality gives the possibility to continue work on maps with other programs in case this should be necessary, this version is not recommended for productive use unless you know what you are doing. We are looking forward to your feedback on bugs, missing features or annoyances.

Screenshots (Examples)

Drawing a rectangular object:

Redesigned text symbol options:


If you want to work on a translation for Mapper, are a programmer with experience in C++ / Qt, or want to help in any other way, we would like to welcome you at our developer mailing list. Other useful places with resources are:


Following is an alphabetically sorted list of all people involved in developing this version of Mapper (apologies in case anyone has been forgotten). Thanks to all who helped to make this release possible!

Peter Curtis Jan Dalheimer Eugeniy Fedirets Peter Hoban Henrik Johansson Tojo Masaya Kai Pastor Thomas Schöps