Posted on 01 October 2012 by Kai Pastor

We are glad to release a Mac OS X package again, thanks to great support from Oskar Karlin. Bringing the Mac OS X version on par with Windows and Ubuntu took a number of changes to the code and to the build system, collected in release 0.3.2.

  • Mac OS X users and new users shall use the new Mapper release 0.3.2.

  • For users of Mapper release 0.3.1, there is no need to upgrade to 0.3.2.

Note that we still have no permanent package maintainer for Mac OS X, i.e. someone who will do the next release packages.


You can always find the latest binary and source release on


If you want to work on a translation for Mapper, are a programmer with experience in C++ / Qt, or want to help in any other way, we would like to welcome you at our developer mailing list. Other useful places with resources are:

  • Git repository with the latest code

  • Bug tracker, the right place to lookup and report all kinds of issues with the program

  • Developer wiki with information about the code, or how to start a new translation